Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting to be Used

I sit here waiting.  “Waiting for what?” you may ask.  Well, I’m not even sure.  I’ve given Carl permission to use me as he wishes this week.  So, all I know is I got a phone call and was told to get ready. . . so here I sit.  Curled up in bed, typing in high heels  with my red hair cascading over my shoulders, felling utterly ridiculous! ;)  The anxiety feels nearly unbearable but in truth, it’s part of the fun.  I’m nervous and giggly and shaky . . . I just learned that I have to answer the door!  I am so painfully timid and shy that even such a silly thing seems insurmountable . . . strange really.  I mean, the minute we all get naked, I’ll be fine.  No more nervous.  Just poof, gone!  Crazy how that works. . . although it’s pretty hard to feel nervous or even think about being nervous with a hard cock shoved down my throat! :)