Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's Start at the Very Beginning. . .

I feel that I must do an introductory post of sorts considering the odd nature of this blog and my life in general.  I am studying psychology with the goal of graduating with my doctorate in human sexuality.  I hope to begin my own practice as a sex therapist while teaching university students.  I have decided to document my journey through school by use of this forum to delve into my thoughts, studies, and personal experiences in an intimate and transparent way.  Perhaps this blog will serve only to help me learn more about myself or even better to learn and grow in my marriage but I do have hope that this blog can also incite thought and a desire for knowledge. 

All that said, I am extremely open-minded, frank, and sexually active so I will discuss controversial and uncomfortable subjects! :)  But. . . since you are here and reading this, whether you are intrigued, horrified, or excited, you likely have an interest in sex and sexuality.  So, open your mind, look past what you think you know or like and enjoy delving into the mind boggling, multifaceted topic of human sexuality.