Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Words We Use

Today has been a sensationally hectic, interesting, emotional day.  I’m exhausted and ready for some time with Carl but I couldn’t wait to stop by and discuss a bit from the day.  I have a fantastic question to pose for you . . . I’ll be back tomorrow when my brain isn’t so exhausted to write up my opinion.  

Human sexuality is such an intricate topic that ranges from clear cut sciences (like biology and archeology) to topics much more ambiguous and obscure (like the analysis of the Old Testament story of Onan), but I suppose that is exactly why I find it to be such an utterly fascinating subject.  I suppose my topic today is somewhat vague in nature and completely subject to personal opinion and interpretation as well . . . that said, before I truly delve in, I will make this one time disclaimer – I use offensive, adult language in this blog and will occasionally post photos that could be considered inappropriate or pornographic.

So, let’s take a second to consider the words that we use in relation to sex and our bodies. . . penis, peter, wiener, dick, cock, third leg, beaver basher, dork, dong, vagina, kitty, beaver, cunt, twat, pussy, snach, taco, fuck, screw, bang, boink, smash, sex, making love, getting off, jacking off, choking the chicken . . . Now comes the real kicker, are these words positive or negative?  Do they sound enticing and provocative?  No, they don’t.  They sound nasty, mean and abusive.  I have to stop here to say that I get wet just typing those three words next to each other, “nasty, mean, and abusive,” so I am well aware that sounding that way can be a good thing.  However, in consideration of sexuality as a whole it seems to me that the question does need asking. . . 

Why is it that in all cultures and languages the worst, most offensive words have to do with sex?